It has been awhile since I’ve introduced myself on here!

I’m Lindsey, a 29 year old mama to a beautiful four month old little girl! If you know me, or have ever been to my home, you know my love for clean and organized spaces.

I have always enjoyed cleaning and finding creative ways to organize in a functional and practical way. The earliest memory I have cleaning is at my great grandmothers home. I remember distinctly how we would make dusters out of old clothes hangers and yarn. I also distinctly remember the smell of wood cleaner as I polished every inch of her woodwork with my brother. I truly miss those days. My love for cleaning followed me all the way up to the time my husband and I were living in a camper while we built our forever home. I remember trying to find ways to organize our belongings in such a small space.

I think it was while living in that camper I stumbled across some videos on YouTube and their channels were based on cleaning. That opened my eyes to a whole new world. I quickly became obsessed with watching others organize their pantries and clean their stovetops.

Flash forward to the year 2020. What a year. I had been working in corporate for a few years after I finished up my Bachelor’s degree in Business. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had dreams of becoming a mom or working in Major League Baseball, so I figured that Business was a safe choice to go with. After college, I got a job in insurance and did that for a couple years. I had a great opportunity to work in sales for a veterinary diagnostic company so I packed up and switched career paths. It was a great company to work for but I quickly realized that climbing the corporate ladder just wasn’t my cup of tea. That’s when the pandemic hit. We moved from our office life to work at home, and for me that was not an easy change. It not only became hard mentally being isolated week after week, but I quickly realized how incredibly hard it was to network in such a large company, from home. I was incredibly unhappy at that point in my career and ultimately knew I couldn’t do it much longer.

My love for cleaning had been reignited, and I was ready to turn it into my full time job. That is when my incredibly supportive husband told me to quit. Phew. Leaving a stable and safe corporate job? Risky. But I knew if I was going to quit, there was no plan b, I would have to make it work or I would end up unhappy again climbing that corporate ladder. Also looking ahead at our future, we wanted to eventually start a family. To be the mom I always dreamed of becoming, I wanted something flexible.

I went online and researched vacuums. I gave my two weeks notice and started booking clients that December of 2020. My husband created me a logo and LB Cleaning Co. was born. Pretty soon on after my schedule started booking up fast. That February of 2021, I recruited my cousin to help out with my cleans as I was very quickly getting overwhelmed with work.

Cleaning is something I’ve always been passionate and confident in. Something in which I hope is reflected in both my business and in your homes. I’ll be forever grateful for my very first clients for trusting me into your homes as now I’ve been able to turn this little dream into a career that is able to support my family because of you.

If you’ve gotten to this point, thank you for taking the time to read my story and I cannot wait to make all your spaces glow.